Building Regulations Register

General Information:

  • Properties in Wychavon District Council area - Data is available from 1995 onwards with complete records beginning from January 2002.
  • Properties in Malvern Hills District Council - Data is available from 1991 onwards with complete records beginning from June 1999.
  • Properties in Worcester City Council - Data is available from 1997 onwards, however CPS information starts from 2011.
  • When searching for the original application for new build properties, they will not be found by searching on the new address. Housing development sites will either be land adjoining or land off the nearest Road. If you have information on the address relating to a planning application this may help you search for the building regulation application, otherwise email us and we will provide you with the building regulation reference number which you can then search online for further information.
  • Document retention is 18 years (No documentation available pre 1999) and we have 14 working days to respond to a request for copies (if any).
  • A supplementary charge of £161.00 maybe required to reopen an application if no final inspection was carried out and the last inspection recorded was more than 3 years ago.
  • South Worcestershire Building Control do not issue certificates or notices in respect of work carried out under a Competent Persons Scheme. The Owner or Occupier of the property should be asked to produce any such certificate.
  • Application reference numbers with a BN, RA, and RW in the suffix will not always have a decision or decision date. These type of applications do not require a decision or approval, therefore if these fields are populated then this is only an acknowledgement of the application and the date it was sent.

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